Pros and cons

This statement could easily go in the positive as well.

I’ve been getting errors and such using Animation and other Codecs (in my case a Mac),. But though frustrating I realize that in any new program there will be bugs that need too be addressed and only come out by using the program a lot.
I’d rather use Motor now even with the bugs (Which do get fixes along the way) than to not have the program and have to go back to the OLD SCHOOL way of rotoing. Because now I look at rotoing with a smile rather than a wince.

I have been playing around with motor and wanted to pass on what I think could be improved. these comments are meant to help you make a better product.

  1. there is a lag time when using the pan and zoom keys ( I am running on a Mac dual 2.7 G5 w/8gigs ram and a sata hardware raid.) it is really slow and this is where a good deal of time is spent

  2. when you zoom into a frame (say about 400%) the image degrades to where it is essentially useless.

I love the planar tracking. it is amazing. can’t wait for more improvements. keep up the great work.


a huge lag, actually. It gets worse with the addition of more layers, etc.


I have some lags as well. When I rename layers motor will crash at times. It gets frustrating but there is a beta version being released as well that shouldl fix alot of these issues.