Purchased a Sapphire 2022 subscription no email confirmation or activation key

So I purchased a subscription for sapphire 2022, however it’s been 7 hours and have yet to receive an email with my activation key. There’s also no order status nor invoice on my Boris Fx account but the payment did go through and my card was charged. It’s the weekend and support isn’t around, and I don’t mean to misuse the forum as a place to seek support, but I can’t wait further as I need to get this project exported.

Hi, can i ask the obvious & say did you check your spam folder? also on the Boris website after you login there’s a chat window bottom right, the person on there might help but they might work 9-5 Mon-Fri tho, & you might get a reply on here this weekend but the Boris members who reply also seem to work Mon’Fri, this forum is fairly quite at a weekend, sorry.

yeah I checked all my folders but can’t find nothing. There’s not even an invoice on my account but the charge has already cleared on my card so it’s kinda frustrating especially sitting on this project I need exported; appreciate the response though

:+1: When did you buy it?

Last night

I guess the banks work 24-7 but the Boris servers don’t :man_shrugging:

I had to call them and they sent it right away. The guy was rude but it was weird , it seemed like they send it manually, instead of a system sending it out

Good, glad you got it sorted :+1:
I don’t know how big a firm Boris is but you do get a personal service from them, it seems most queries are sorted out & they actually seem interested in improving their product based on those exchanges, as opposed to the bigger firms with servers, I bought mine through the chat window i mentioned, I had to wait for a reply because i’m in the UK & he was in Boston USA, emails & chat were quick, that was prob during the wk tho, but i felt like i was talking to a person rather than a bot, It is a case of swings and roundabouts. :man_shrugging::+1::smirk: