Quality of support!

I don’t understand why nobody at your company is answering to the ticket we send. I know you try hard to fix the bugs in your systems but you also have to fix your support.

I have send a bug ticket on this site, I also post on creative cow and now I’m writting on this forum (and probably someone from your company will read it in 2 months). I paid for your product !!! Where’s the support?

Again here is my bug: I have two different licenses. One of them can not import footage with .mov. Image sequence, no problem. I have tried with different codec for .mov and nothing. I have tried to reinstall… nothing changed. So, could it be because of the Quicktime update or is it a problem from your software or maybe I am doing something wrong. I don’t know because nobody is helping me in your company.

In hopping that someone will help,
Guillaume Charron

Yeah, the support is thin. Who can I turn to?

At least a coherent manual would that reflects the CURRENT version would be appreciated. There are references to modules that are no longer included in the current release… such as Primatte.


The program appears to be buggy, and the interface is sketchy…

I’m running a mac pro dual- 3.2ghz quad-core xeon… w 16g o ram. Graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce8800GT.

Yet this program crashed dozens of times while trying to render a 172 frame sequence at 1920x1080animation codec.

it was also especially funky when attempting to render an “insert” .

Ultimately, the only way i could complete the pieces was to only render 10 frames at a time. That just doesn’t get it. I tried allocating everything from 4-16gb of texturing ram… and ended up crashing and/or restarting 40 times in two days.

But nothing tracks better. Come on guys.

Get it togeva!