Question about Academic License


Hello, I am a 14-year-old who would like to use Sapphire plug-in for video editing that I do on After Effects. Obviously, I can’t afford it especially on top of the £30 I spend on AE each month so I opened a support ticket asking about whether I could have an academic application even though I’m not at college or university. After no response, I opened another support ticket about two weeks later and I haven’t been responded to again. I really want to get this sorted out because if there is any way I can get Sapphire for free I want to get it.

I have attached two short videos for anyone who wants to know the kind of VFX stuff I do.



Hey Harry! I can help you out. Look for my email!



Nice stuff btw!!! :+1:


Thankyou, what do I do now in order to get a sapphire license?


Closing the loop on this…all taken care of!