Question about inverting stabilization

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This should be a quick one. I’m needing to roto a scene that has quite a bit of camera shake. I’ve been able to use Mocha to stabilize it, but I can’t figure out how to export the inverted stabilization data for use in my Fusion comp to “transform” the footage back to normal. In another thread from some time ago someone mentioned there being an “invert” button when you go to export the stabilization tracker, but on my end I don’t see an option for that on the pop-up. Has this option moved? I’d appreciate any help!

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Hardware/software information:

Intel i9 10900KF
Nvidia 3090 Founders Edition
Windows 11
Fusion Studio 18 Public Beta (up-to-date)
Mocha Pro OFX Plugin

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I think you are looking for this?

You can also export tracking stabilized data from the Stabilize module:

Definitely! But for some reason that option isn’t appearing on my end:

I also tried opening my comp in Fusion 17 instead, but it appears the same thing is happening. Just to be sure I also created a new test comp with different footage and I’m still getting the same thing. It’s very peculiar. Mocha is also on the latest version if that helps at all.

What version of Mocha Pro are you running?

Looks like 9.5.0, OFX, Windows 64-bit. I haven’t used stabilization in this way with Mocha before so it’s hard to say if this is a recent issue or not.

Ok - I see. Export from the main Tracking tab and not from the Stabilize tab. You should see Invert there.
This will invert your surface coordinates on export.

We were very close! I was able to piece it together based on a few tutorials. It’s easy enough to invert the tracking in AE but for Fusion, all I needed to do was to export the stabilized tracking data and when I need it inverted, I copy paste and switch the mode from Corner Pin to Perspective Positioner in Fusion, which cancels out the stabilization.