Question about tracking data been offset

I made this tutorial for reddit:

But there’s one step that’s always confused me, images 12 and 13. I paste the data and it is offset from where it should be. I can move it into place with no problems but seems like I must be doing something wrong. Any advice on this and the tutorial in general would be appreciated. Thanks!

We have a handy tutorial for that:

The long and short of it is you either need to make the precomp of the animation (with all attributes INSIDE the precomp) the same size as the clip you’re tracking, OR you use align surface on the frame in mocha that the position the face on the car lines up on and then paste the data in. :slight_smile:
Cute doodle!


Thanks! It’s been received well on reddit/imgur (12k views in 8 hours). I’ll be making more.
Great product BTW, the plugin streamlines the process quite a bit over the standalone.

Thanks, we are glad you like it and that Reddit is having fun with mocha. I often see those doodles and think… yeah, someone used mocha on that.