Question exporting videoclip

My name is Jens Gudacker and i am working at the institute of sport economics and sport management at the German Sport University Cologne. We do research projects in sport sponsoring and would like to minipulate the sponsor logos in different sport clips. We would like to replace the original logos through our selectet logos.
We are interested in using Mocha Pro for our project and are very satisfied with the test version.
There is just one main question we have:
Is it possible to export the formed videoclip directly without exporting the tracking data seperatly to After Effects or Nuke? We don’t need the special functions of these expensive programs. We just need a new viedo material.
We would buy mocha Pro if we could export the formed clip (like we can see it already in the video screen) directy to any video format. Is this possible?
Kind regards
Jens Gudacker

Yes, mocha Pro has the ability to render in the insert module. Once rendered you can export clip as sequential files or QuickTime. mocha AE only has a data export, but mocha Pro can render inserts, removes, roto-mattes and more.