Question mark logo on center of screen

While doing paint in silhouette getting question mark logo on center of screen on random frames & after that file is getting crashed.

If we open that file again all the paint strokes were gone & there is no stroke history to re-build the session, this is happening frequently on random systems & for both versions i.e., 2021.5.0 & 2022.0.2

Please let me know the solution.

The question mark appears when the painted frames can’t be found on disk. There is a paint subfolder within the project folder and if this folder is not accessible, moved, deleted, not writeable, disk fills up, then you would see the question mark appear.

Hi Marco,

Thank you for the reply, but we are working network, so we have big storage capacity.

The paint subfolder within the project folder is there with data in it, still having question mark in shot.

Again same is occurred for another shot, attaching the snapshot for it.

If suppose we lost the disk mount on our system, then is there any way to recover the paint strokes?

If you go to the first frame of the sequence, select the strokes in the Auto Paint window and click Rebuild, and your Paint strokes will be recreated.

Ok, will try this & get back to you.

Hi Marco,

You are right about the network issue; we have noticed that our network disconnected sometimes. But after that we couldn’t find any data in project folder to rebuild the shot.

There is any way we can fix & get the paint strokes data back.

This is critical issue for us because we have delivery soon.

The paint strokes are saved in a paint.dat file located in ProjectName.sfx/project.sfx/paint. The painted images are stores in the same folder as sub-folders named 8, f16 or f32 depending on the session bit depth. If your project was on a network drive and you do not see a paint.dat file, there is not a way to rebuild the the strokes because they were not saved when your network failed.

Ok, so if we find paint.dat file, we can rebuild the strokes. Will try this on one shot

How to use that paint.dat file to rebuild the strokes?

Also, if check the in attachment there is no strokes history. As you saying if we use paint.dat file will get back the strokes right.

If the project was saved properly and there is a paint.dat file, you should see strokes in the Auto Paint window. If you see those, then a Rebuild will work.