Question or Feature Request

Is there a way to constrain the aspect ratio of the Planar Surface Tool?

Here’s an example… I do a lot of real estate video and will often use Mocha to insert stock video of a fire inside a fireplace. My stock video of the fire is 16:9 but the inside of a fireplace isn’t. I need to eyeball the aspect ratio of the Planar Surface (usually with a perspective shift) and the fire usually comes out unnaturally squashed. The track and effect are awesome but it would help if the insert area could be constrained to a certain aspect ratio.


Hey Andrew,

In the Insert module there is a tab called “Source”.

If you click the “Fit Surface to ROI” button, it will match the surface to the dimensions of the insert image.

Yes it does! That’s exactly what I needed - Thank you. When I hit it, the ROI was a little too big. Then I discovered the scale and translate tools to move it around.

Thanks again!