Question removal changes rendering in AE

after i rendered a single frame and removed a dolly in my footage, i bring the project into AE and i want to export the full sequence with the changes made in mocha pro as a quicktime movie, is there a way to render my video in AE without mocha pro bogging down my computer?
if not, do i have to render the removal process frame by frame in mocha pro or is there any other way?

Either way, mocha Pro will need to render the remove. You can either render it fully in mocha Pro and export the sequence or you can render it in AE by adding it to the render queue. If you’re finding the remove is slow, you can adjust the remove settings to make the remove render faster.

Remove optimisation:

Remove works by checking all the frames the background layers are tracked in and then seeing if those frames can be applied to the foreground remove layers.

If your footage is very large resolution and/or is very long, this will slow down the remove considerably as it checks all the available data.

Here is what you need to look out for:

  • If you are using only a portion of the frames in mocha for the remove, make sure that the First Frame and Last Frame match the project range, so you are not looking at too many frames.

  • Make sure the #Frames Before and #Frames After have sensible values. These values are how far to look ahead or behind the current frame for background data. If you are looking 1000 frames before the current frame and there is no useful background information there, you are wasting processing time.

  • If the scene is moving very slowly, especially for high frame rate footage, consider changing the Step value. A Step value of 1 checks every frame for background data. A Step value of 2 checks every second frame and so on.

  • Do not use Interpolated illumination modeling unless you have to. It is very processor-intensive.

  • To speed up removes significantly, consider using Cleanplates and the “Use Cleanplates Exclusively.” option. This reduces the need to check every frame for background information. Note that if your step value is out of sync with a clean plate frame, mocha may skip the clean plate.

Try that and let me know if it helps.


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thanks but another question
is there a reason why AE always crashes when i track?

I would need more information about the crash. Do you have a log? Are you tracking using the GPU? You can try turning GPU tracking off in mocha preferences and restarting AE, that might fix the issue without me knowing more about your issue.

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removed gpu, tracking in progress

tracking is a success but now when i remove an object, it crashes AE

If you’re crashing during removes you are likely still not optimizing your remove enough. Make sure you’re using only what you need for the remove to cut down on memory useable. Also, make sure you’re in the latest version of mocha, we fixed some memory issues in the most recent build:

first off, i do have the latest version
secondly, how do i optimize the remove (excuse me, i’m new to mocha pro)

Thats good news about the latest version, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t the memory bug we had been running into.

For the optimization, I had posted instructions above on how to slim down your remove. Have you seen the remove specific tutorials?

We have a video series on the basics of the remove tool, part 1, 2, and 3:

They might help as well. If you continue to crash on remove, you might need to send your crash log to us and open a support case:

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thanks for the suggestions, trying the cleanplate method

tracking and removing is finished but now i have to do some masking

Have you checked out our series of “Getting Started with Mocha”? It’s a good place to get familiar with the tracking and roto tools. You will need them for masking:

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thanks, i’ll check it out
by the way, the clean plate method worked, just need to do some quick AE masking and that’s the end of it