Question/Request for Flicker Fixer

Getting good results with it but I’d like to be able to mask out certain areas with more accuracy. At the moment it seems I’m limited to the preset mask shapes (egg, rectangle etc) and only one shape per instance of the effect? There is Mocha tracking in there but is there some version of the pixel chooser built in to this effect? I’d like to be able to create a complicated mask that tracks someone as they move through multiple flickering light sources. For example I could roto the person and then have this set to remove from the main fixed shot. Is this possible currently? If not, I’d like to request more flexibility in masking.

Hi Andi,

Glad you’re enjoying the Flicker Fixer filter. For some shots it’s a perfect drag and drop solution to eliminating flicker in a source clip.

I’ll add your feature request to include Mocha as a masking option for this filter to our features database. Thanks for suggesting that.

In the meantime, you should be able to achieve your stated goal by using a host mask, which can be pulled up into the filter. And if you’re in After Effects, you should be able to use the free Mocha AE option to create a multi-mask shape matte that can be pulled up into the filter.

Thanks for the suggestion and I hope my workaround helps.