Question/Suggestion about Shake export

Hi there!

Just tried some things with mocha. The tracking seems to be really nice. But I have a question/suggestion about the shake export:

if I have “shear” and/or "perspective on, it’s fine to get 4-point nodes in shake (stabilize, matchmove). But if I only have translation and rotation/scale activated, I’d really like to have the option to get 2-point nodes in shake!

It doesn’t matter if I want to do normal matchmoving of one layer to another. But if I want to use the tracking data to do things like smoothing of camera motion, this is really painful if I only have the 4 corners. It would be much better to have a stabilize node with 2 tracking points which result in a transformation center which is the center of the 4 corners of the defined surface.

And it would be even more perfect to have a Move2D node which has all the transformations as keyframed curves, relating to a selectable reference frame. Not having to do this math manually would be a really timesaver.

It would also be nice to have options in the export dialog to select which nodes I like to be created.

Thanks, Abraham