Questions about Particle Illusion...can I buy it completely as a standalone product

I’m a long time user of the old version of Particle Illusion, which was a complete standalone program. I would just output my effects and composite them in After Effects.

So…I"m a little confused about this new version.

Can I just buy the Particle Effects component( $400), create my particle effect in the standalone, and then use After Effects as the rendering engine. Or do I needlessly have to purchase the entire Continuum package ($1000 !!!) and the Particle Effects package as a plug-in?


It’s always so nice to hear from long time users of the product. So as a user of the legacy version of the product, you’ll find a couple of features that are not yet fully implemented, such as the ability to change the sprite shape, the use of forces and the standalone render option. Rest assured that our engineering team is actively working in the missing features and that they will all be restored to the product in the very near future.

In regard to the purchase that you mentioned, you can purchase Particle Illusion as a part of the Particles Unit for a significantly reduced price - prices for all of our products, including the Continuum Particles Unit are listed on the web site.



And here’s a link to the Continuum Particle Uint with the upgrade price from Particle Illusion 3 : Boris FX | Boris FX Store