Questions about the Mocha Pro Avid plugin

I have a couple of questions about using the Mocha Pro Avid Plugin that I think probably have very simple answers but I can’t seem to figure them out (and I haven’t found any tutorials that answer these questions):

  1. I’ve done a screen insert onto an iPhone, and I’m rotoscoping out a couple of fingers that occlude the screen at various points. I’ve done the rotoscoping in multiple layers. However, when it comes to indicating within the Insert Module which layers to mask, under the Masks dropdown menu, it only lets the user chose one layer. How does one combine layers with the Mocha Pro Avid plugin (or chose multiple mattes)?

  2. When you have a shot that contains multiple screen inserts, how do you tell Mocha Pro which Insert Clip to use? In the Mocha Pro Avid plugin, it appears under the Insert Clip dropdrown menu that there is only one option for “Insert Layer”. It doesn’t seem to allow you to place your Insert Layers on multiple video layers for multiple screens, though there must be a way to do this.

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi! You can use all mattes in the module, or I actually prefer to make two instances on two different layers (tracks in Avid) for even more control. The bottom layer or track is the insert, the top is the applied mattes for the fingers.

You would need multiple instances of Mocha, one for every screen in this case, to make that work.

Thank you, Mary. That’s very helpful!