Quickest way to utilize Silhouette standalone roto from a different file via After Effects


I have roto that I did in a Silhouette stand-alone project on a comp’d image sequence that’s 1400 frames, and the roto section I want to reuse is only about 30 frames starting at frame 600. I would like to actually reuse this on the original video clip portion that goes from frame 600-630 in the comp, but in the precomp in After effects, that clip has different time code because I’d be putting the Silhouette roto on just that one clip that ended up getting comp’d into the full image sequence, so I’m thinking the roto frames are not going to align correctly without some adjustments.

What would be the most streamlined way to get the Silhouette standalone roto onto the correct start frame of the original clip in AE?

Thanks for any help on this :pray:t3:

I’d make sure in the future to pre-comp and move all attributes into the new composition, and trim the work area and see if that helped with alignment in the future. For now, you might have to paste onto a new layer and offset the data.

Totally agree, I unfortunately didn’t know that Silhouette existed when I did this complex precomp roto in Mocha Pro, which was not the cleanest roto, and I see now it would have been waaay easier and meant to be done with Silhouette. I ended up doing the SIlhouette comp roto for another reason, but now I see that replacing my old Mocha roto will give me the cleanest precomp roto, so I’m gonna try to just do the manual frame shifting like you mentioned, to reuse the already-done new Silhouette roto. Thanks for the help!