QuickTime error upon launching mocha

When I start Mocha Pro 2019 I get a message saying “connect to the media server quicktime will not be available”. How do I fix this… I already tried reinstalling the program but it does not help.

Ok, this can mean then that the media server is not running. Can you try running Mocha in admin mode (right click, run as admin)? The system may be preventing a secondary process from running. You should see this as a process called “mediaioserver” in the task manager.

Alternately, this can mean you need to install quicktime essentials (just the codecs, not the program itself).

However, if you are not using quicktime, you can safely ignore this message.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


I tried restarting my system and it worked that way. But I also reinstalled the program first. Thank you.