RackDefocus and Z depth?

Apologies for the newbie question, I love the rack defocus plugin, but is it possible to use it with a z-depth channel that I rendered out? Thank you kindly!

Sounds like a job for the S_ZDefocus plugin, which take a Z Buffer input.

Thank you! Does it have the same results as the rack defocus?

Same-ish results using ZDefocus, but with the added depth control you are looking for. Many of its parameters and graphic primitives are the same as RackDefocus. If your aim is to get a closer match of RackDefocus blur, you may want to try the slower and more technical ZConvolve instead, which also takes a Z Buffer input. Gradient from Sapphire Render can be handy to generate a Z Buffer for a quick test if you don’t already have a rendered image.

If none of those suit, please come back to reinforce your original feature request.

Not exactly what I was looking for, I guess the easiest thing would be to add a z buffer to the rack focus plugin? if thats possible :slight_smile: