RAM preview issue in Fusion


After 2~3 seconds of playback, Fusion purge its cached memory and start re-rendering. This is strange behavior. I figured out that the combination of Sapphire 14.51 and Fu v17.2.2 was the cause. v16 is fine. V17.2.1 was probably not a problem either.

I just put S_LensFlare next to BG. After 2~3 seconds of playback, Suddenly the frame rate drops. This is because the cache is being cleared and re-rendered. It also shows up in the memory graph in Task Manager.

Please check it out.

Add S_LensFlare, Hit Play, Ram caching, Loop Playing(30fps), Suddenly 15fps and Ram caching again, Loop Playing(30fps) and after that, no issue.

Change setting of LensFlare, The above will happen again.

Sapphire wasted time calulating it twice each time. Is this just my issue?

Is it fixed for you in Fusion v17.3, which BMD released today? Except for when you change an OFX parameter value, Sapphire should not do anything that purges Fusion’s preview cache. But I suppose anything is possible.

I tried v17.3. Unfortunately, the result remains the same.

It’s a strange thing, but it happens when there is a Sapphire node in my flow. If I pass through that node, the forced purge will disappear. It doesn’t happen with other OFXs. BCC does not officially support Fusion, but it does not have this issue.