Random Crashing and Hanging

Is anyone experiencing crashing when tracking footage randomly? I get a “correcting for drift” message a lot that it never gets past, but it will hang randomly while tracking. Not even complex set ups, even just one layer… “Cancel” when tracking also doesn’t register wether by hotkey or by gui click. Very frustrating. Trying to track footage and it is constantly crashing.

Mocha AE for version 16 build 235
Footage I’m trying to track is 3840x2160 (though I have it clipped to just the region of interest)
iMac 21.5 inch late 2013
2.7 core i5
16gb 1600 mhz ddr3
intel iris pro 1536 mb
internal 1tb ssd at 75% capacity

Anyone experiencing anything similar? Is this known about or am I uniquely experiencing it.

Hi Andrew,

We are currently working on a fix for a bug that involves the Iris Pro GPU, there’s a strong chance it’s what you’re experiencing. In Mocha preferences on the GPU page, please disable GPU processing and see if it makes a difference. For what it’s worth, the GPU tracker only really gives a significant performance benefit using powerful discrete GPUs.

Best regards,


Okay, thanks for the advice. I will try this out and report back if it fixes it or not.

I turned off GPU processing, and still didn’t work properly. to get around this issue i had to break my project apart into much smaller pieces of time and save frequently. It crashed less when there was a small clip, but it still crashed often.