Randomly Loosing Parameter Tab

There have been several reports by customers on this forum and others that they are at times loosing their parameter tabs (for seemingly no reason); and that they require to restart in order to get it back.

Could members who have experienced this issue please feedback on this thread; I would like to pinpoint this issue in order to find a resolve; as we have not been able to find a test case for the issue.

Please read my observations and some of the information that can help identify the issue below and reply in kind

My observations so far:

As far as I am aware the issue only occurs on systems that have had or are currently running a dual monitor setup; the normal convension for the dual monitor setup is to move all tabs over to one monitor and then to leave the viewer on another.
When the error occurs one of two things happen; either the parameter tab appears completely blank (but with a normal colour background) or appears competely ‘whited’ out (basically a big white box indicitive of a repaint issue appears)
To alliviate the issue the application requires to be restarted.

Information I require to pinpoint issue:

  1. What Operating system are you running (full version including SP)?
  2. What graphics card are you using?
  3. What version of the driver are you running?
  4. What resolution is the monitor (each monitor)
  5. Are you using or have you ever used a dual monitor setup on the system you are using?
  6. Any further information you can provide on details of layout setup

Thanks in advance for any information provided.