Re-Adjusting planar surface after project has been saved

Hello everyone! I did my very first tracking, EVER, yesterday. It went pretty well.

I did really well re-adjusting the planar surface. I thought it looked great. I saved the Micha data, and I saved the AE project.

Today, I noticed that one of the corner points on the tracking was a bit off during a few frames. (I failed to catch it earlier.)

I opened the data for that tracking data on Mocha, and I see the planar, but making a change disrupts the whole tracking data.

What is the best way to edit points of an already saved project?

I’ve tried to do research, but because of the wording, Google and YouTube just bring up “How to’s” of using mocha, but not editing once it’s been saved.

Or is this a Pro feature?


Are you trying to do an adjust track OR are you simply moving the planar surface and it is flipping out on you?

Edit: I see what I was doing. I was accidentally dragging one of the planar’s lines, and not a corner/point, and that threw me off.

Thank you.

Quick question if you don’t mind. Is there a way to change the planar lines from blue to another color?

OK, I am glad you are sorted out.

Regarding the interface, you can adjust custom colors in the interface in the preferences, but I need to check if that applies to the surface with @martinb

Surface colour is linked to point colour. You can change this in the “Overlay colors” panel available in the View menu.