Re-caching previously cached frames?

Two issues:

First, how do I tell Mocha AE to cache frames if I cancel the initial caching process?

Secondly, my footage lives on a server. But I have a large, empty, fast, local SSD set for the Mocha cache. It takes quite a while for Mocha to cache all the frames from the server. But I figure I only have to do this once since I have a speedy local cache.

However, if I re-open a project that completely cached all the frames earlier in the day, it still wants to re-cache all frames from the server (which takes forever). Why isn’t it seeing the local cache it already made on the super fast local SSD? Any ideas how to fix? It’s killing my workflow speed.

Mocha automatically caches the clip locally as you scrub the timeline, but if you want to pre-cache it every time you can check the “cache original clip” checkbox in preferences.

If you don’t want it to pre-cache every time, don’t check “cache original clip”, and it will cache on demand as you work on the timeline. The first play through will be slower, but then it will speed up after caching is complete.