Re: Digital Film Tools

Just wondering what are the future plans for Digital film tools since you guys have recently acquired it?.. I am really looking forward to the direction this wonderful suite of plugins is gonna take!

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Hi Steve! Thanks for showing an interest in the wonderful DFT filters - we have plans to roll that product out but the exact dates are yet to be determined.

In the meantime, can i make one quick request concerning the new upcoming Digital Film Tools OFX plugin suites for Vegas Pro?.. Would love if the names of the filters begins with unified names going down in the VideoFX listings! For example like how the Continuum plugin filters all begins with “BCC” and the Sapphire plugin filters also all begins with “S_”, thus they are all grouped nicely in the drop down list, and would love to have this also for digital film tools. Currently they are all over the place and a hassle to go thru the listing to find exactly what to look for.