Re open a Mocha AE CC project?

Hallo everybody;
I am on PC windows 10 and I have the last AE versions and Mocha AE cc 7.5.0.
I started to create a complex corner pin but then I had to stop working, obviously saving both the Mocha project and the After Effects project.
Today, I have reopened the AE project to continue the work, but I am no longer able to access the Mocha project.
So, which is the workflow when you have to stop your job in Mocha (and AE, as well), close the program and resume work later or a day later? Because there is no “Save as…” to link the Mocha AE CC project to a specific folder, to find it later and reopen.
And I didn0t find a way, via AE, to reopen the Mocha AE C project to continue working the tracjing…

Thanks for a reply!

It sounds like the instance of the plugin did not save in the AE file. Did you close the AE file before it could finish saving? Or did you perhaps try to save AE while Mocha was still open? I am trying to figure out the steps to repeat this, as the save seems to be working for me as long as I save the plugin and then save the host file.

Hi Mary,
I didn’t remember exactly what I did, but surely I didn’t close both before saving bot.
Anyway, which is the correct workflow?
I mean:
1 - first, save the project in Mocha and close it?
2 - back to AE, save project and close it?
3 - when you reopen the AE project, how can you reopen also the Mocha project to continue tracking?

What can happen, is trying to close AE without first closing Mocha can close both or crash. The Mocha project saves as a plugin, so you just click the Mocha button like you did originally to open it and your file should be there.

If you email me your log file to maryp at borosfx dot com I’ll take a look and see if I can see what happened. Go to Mocha>help>view log, and save that as a text file and pass it along.

Hi Mary,
I tried to follow these steps and it works:
1 - first, save the project in Mocha and close it;
2 - back to AE, save project and close it;
3 - when you reopen the AE project, just click the Mocha button like you did originally to open it and Mocha opens with your job.

Great, many thanks for your help!

Unfortunately, going on with tracking I received this Error:

Here Error view log (I am on PC Wiondows 10)
Mocha Ae CC Windows 10 log error.txt (1.1 MB)

What does the surface tool look like? Is it visible throughout the shot? I see a lot of potential for reflections on this phone which means a high potential for a track to encounter problems.

Hi Mary,
Yes, there were a lot of reflections on the phone, but I don’t think that was the problem. Anyway, I had to redo all the work from scratch and eventually good tracking came and I never ran into the error again.
A question: in cases like this, where there are a lot of reflections on the screen, it would be really useful to be able to use the individual channels to do the tracking. Or increase the contrast to better see the differences in shades. Is there any way to do this?

You can use “auto channel” to tell Mocha to look at the RGB channels and decide which one is best, but you can’t select which channel. Usually RGB together as the “luminance” option works best.

You can turn up the brightness with the brightness controls (looks like a sun icon), but not the contrast, and that’s really more for checking your work.

If you need to change the clip contrast you can do that by changing the values in the clip tab for Mocha Pro standalone or in the plugin you can apply some contrast in the host first, precomp/nest/merge depending on the host and then apply the Mocha Pro Plugin.

But usually the best way to get better tracking results is to use the percentage of pixels tracked option and increase that value, increase the numbers for the search range, increase the values for rotation and zoom if the object is rotating and zooming, and making sure to avoid occlusions with your shape setup. Once that’s complete you can always adjust your track.

Hope that helps,

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Good Mary,
I’ll take a look.
Thanks a lot for your help!