Realistic replacement Logo

Hey Guys,
as you can picture from the headline, I want to know how can I place a Logo on a moving T-shirt so it looks realistic like it has been printed on. I can track the movement in mocha and with planar surface I can do the raw perspective, but it looks not right and at some frames the logo seems to be up in the air. You guys have any Idea for me? Is there a plugin I can use in Ae to make this right? I tried some plugins but because of the movement it seems like the tracking is off. Maybe mocha has a tool for it?

Greetings Mischel

Hi Mischel,

Mocha is great at tracking t-shirts, but it does depend on how the body is moving.
We actually have a tool in mocha Pro for helping with this: The Insert mesh warp. It’s designed specifically for adjusting the planar track to fit more organic objects.

I’d need to see some examples of where it appears to float so I can help you adjust in your mocha track. You may be able to combine the corner pin exported from mocha with a spline warp tool, such as BCC Warp.

Hey Martin,

is there any way of showing you the footage in private? Can I message it to you? So you get a impression of the footage?
I dont have the Pro version and I never used the BCC Warp tool. Is there any way doing this with the tools I have (Ae and Mocha cc version)? I Saw this Video from you guys and it is a good idea, but I cant apply it on my.

Best Greetings Mischel


PS: Sorry for the late answer.