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Follow cleanplate creation instructions to the letter. Works fine - once. Decide, after rendering, need to tweak the cleanplate a bit which is still open in PS, save, and get endless “original and fill image formats don’t match”. Save it with a new name, try import, edit, none, try anything and everything using old and new names and that which worked once seems to require going through the whole dance again using the create function of the remove module. Yes, I’ve made sure the frame number is always the same (0 in this case) and always edit, undo render in all frames. This is very frustrating and time wasting and am more than happy for someone to tell me my “user error”.

Really Touchy Software. In addition, this has happened on numerous clips; not a one time affair in my case.

Check to see if your saved clean plate file has an alpha channel. This can cause a matching error, since we only read in RGB for Clean plates.
We’ve fixed this read error in the upcoming V5, but for now just make sure the resulting TIF file hasn’t saved any alphas.

If you would like to be involved in beta testing to check this, please email me: martinb [at]