Rebuild strokes within new roto - Silhouette Paint in AE


I have a clip in AE that I first used Mocha Pro Power Mesh on, to completely lock/stabilize the movement on a region so that I may then do some clone work more easily on via Silhouette Paint in AE. I did my cloning work and then Auto Painted it across the frames needed, but then I decided to restrict the Paint to a Roto shape.

I then added a roto shape and only did added a couple of key frame for Opacity and Transforming, but did not need to track anything, since I’m painting over a stabilized region via Power Mesh. But when I turn on the Obey Alpha, and hit Rebuild so that the Paint work will update to the Roto shape, there is no change to limiting it to the Roto.

Any help with getting my Paint to Rebuild to the new Roto added will be apprecited.

The state of Obey Alpha is recorded as part of the original paint stroke. If you had Obey Alpha off when the strokes were painted and then enabled it before auto painting, it will have no effect.

Ah okay, so at this point are my ONLY only options:

  1. Recreating the Paint strokes from scratch with Obey Alpha ON
  2. Using Mocha Pro (or AE masks) on top of the Silhouette Paint to create the limiting shapes I need.



Ok thanks for the info.

Thinking about this some more, would it be possible to just make a new Paint stroke that is set to Output (which has the paint work I already did) as source, with origin set to the RESET value, and with my Obey Alpha ON now, and opacity set to 100%, just completely paint over the Roto to cover the entire shape, then just do the Auto Paint on this new fill. But then to get rid of the old Paint strokes, just delete the old Paint strokes that did not have the the Obey Alpha. Would this work?

I think this will work, but don’t get rid of the original strokes. You need those for the later strokes to work with output as the source.