Reccomend spec for MASSIVE Mocha tracking project

Hi all!

We’re about to get underway with a huge tracking project using 8K Proxy files (from 8K Red Monstro RAW).
We’re considering either building a custom PC (which will take a couple of weeks that we don’t have) or possibly buying one (or more) eGPU’s, ie, Blackmagic’s or a custom box & card.
The question here really is this:
What’s the smarter solution? Tricked out PC ( 8,12 core Ryzen, 64 GB RAM, GeForce 2080 Ti X), or a couple little R2D2 Blackmagic eGPU’s connected to MacBook Pros, or custom enclosures with big GPUs.

Happy to answer any questions!

Hi Zach,
I believe the first option - the tricked out PC with powerful NVIDIA, is going to be the best option for Mocha’s GPU tracking. I will check with our QA team, but I do not think we have done much qualification testing with the eGPUs.

Also note that when tracking 8k files, you can track on proxies. Using Mocha as a plug-in (in AE or Nuke) you can set the view to 1/2 res and generally still get high quality tracking results for speed.

If using Mocha stand alone, you could import a 1/2 res proxy, do the tracking then link in the full size before outputting tracking. Mocha will upscale the project.

Hope this helps

Thank you, Ross!

That seals the deal on the new PC.