Recently purchased Continuum but says it's a free trial

I have purchased Boris FX Continuum as a part of the recent VEGAS Pro 16 Edit release. Upon downloading and activation with the key; I attempted to use the transitions and it came up with the free trial watermark.

How can I remove the watermark, and activate Continuum correctly?

I believe Vegas Pro 16 Edit comes with the Continuum Key and Blend Unit, not the full Boris FX Continuum package. This means you should be able to use filters in the Continuum Key and Blend category without watermarking, but filters in other categories like Transitions will watermark. There should be an option in the installer to hide any of the unlicensed units so you will see only the Key and Blend filters in the Vegas UI. Other units would be available for sale on the Boris FX website.

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@jclement, I know this is a bit late, I was confused also on what to do when trying to get the extras from upgrading my vegas and getting the included Key and Blend Unit along with the Lights Unit. I understand your post that these are just like stand alone plugins and a group like the whole BCC license. My question is where do I use these in the Vegas program if you know? I know this may be out of the scope of this forum, but any help would be useful. I have been using Vegas for around 9 months and some of the plugins are great. Just wanting to utilize what I have paid for. Thanks in advance!

Well I have run the license program again and removed all not licensed and now see the groups that are licensed so I have answered my question. Nonetheless, thanks for answering the previous question as it took me to the solution.

Glad you figured it out! Let us know if you have any more difficulties.

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