Recommended filter for distorting through glass effect


I’ve roto’d a clip where a person holding a drinking glass raises it in front of the masked out background and I would like to put some realistic glass distortion on the tracked drinking glass for when the glass passes over the composited-in new background. Any recommendations on which nodes to use for achieving this look? Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

There are no such nodes. The only “realistic” would be to create a simulated 3D environment, do camera tracking, glass object tracking, and ray- trace render the glassy object. And there is the glass itself, the liquid inside of it, which refract differently. Best to tamp down the ambition and just map some creatively distorted images on the glass…
But then again, I could be wrong.

Take a look at the following nodes:

  • Warp > Bump Distort
  • Sapphire > Distort > S_Distort, S_DistortBlur, S_DistortChroma, S_DistortRGB

Thanks I’ll give it a shot.