Recreating an effect in premier pro/after effects

Does anyone know how this effect could be recreated in premier pro? I have Sapphire, Continuum, and Mocha but am unsure as to what tools would be used for this.

Thank you!

Yes, that looks like Sapphire Distort Chroma applies to a circle wipe. You could create this easily with Sapphire and Mocha. I’m sure Continuum could possibly do a similar look as well.


Thanks Brian,

I tried using these effects but found that the Distort Chroma only warps the video inside the transition but the circle remains perfectly round throughout the transition, how could I make it so that the circle warps as well?

Thanks so much for the help,


You want to create this inside S_Transition, and create a distorted circle wipe. Basically apply Distort Chroma on top of the circle wipe the transition builder.