Red cross on BCC plugins after i'd licence

Hello, I bought the Vegas Pro 365 license from the official website. I installed Vegas Pro with the files sent to me and activated the license. There was with an offer for BCC+ Plugins, so I have the activation key but when I launch Vegas Pro and I select the video effects and transitions, there is a big red cross on the effect making it unusable for editing a video clip.

Thanks in advance for your insights.

Have a good day.

Hello Jonas,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’d like you to try something for me to help me understand the watermark issue that you’re encountering. I’d like you to add an instance of the BCC Primatte Studio filter to a clip in your Vegas timeline - no other plugin, just that one. Does this also have a red watermark X through the image? If this is also watermarking then there is an issue with the license but if not then the license is working correctly.


Experiencing the same issue, bump


I would suggest that you file a support ticket so that a tech can review your license file to get a better understanding of why it’s not working. It may be that there is some conflict on the system. You can file a ticket here :


I’m having the same issue. With the pack on offer there are 4 units. Primatte no longer works but the others do. This is the worst system I’ve ever seen with disappearing plugins and broken ones. Been a nightmare. :frowning: Now my primatte has a RED X no matter what I try…