Red Epic 5K workflow in Mocha Pro Remove module?

Just like the title said, what is the correct workflow ? How to achieve lossless result from R3D ?

mocha can read R3d just fine, but you’ll want to put the aspect ratio down to 1/4. Otherwise it acts just like any other fooatage. But mocha can only read R3D files, it can’t write them as render files out of any of our rendering modules, like the remove tool.

Do you have any further questions?

Thanks Mary,

I’ve download the R3D sample footage, and yes you’re right, it can actually opened r3d file.

What do you mean by put the aspect ratio down to 1/4 ? Pixel aspect ratio ? Or do you mean Proxy ?

Will it affect remove module picture quality if i also use clean plate ?

What file format you recommended to export from “export rendered clip” option to achieve lossless ?


Sorry, I do mean proxy. I’m gonna blame auto-correct on my phone, but it’s totally just a misuse of the word.

As long as your cleanplate is 4K you should be fine. You can try a TIFF or a EXR. That’s a pretty good bet, for your export.