Red X on clip

Hello, I have tried several times to download and install the free BCC Looks Plugin. Each time I enter the activation key and go through the download process, I am told that It has been successfully installed, but it either does not show up in FCP or it shows up with a red X over the clip. Can you help? I am using the Monterey OS. And mine FCP is up to date.

Hello. This issue is best resolved via the official Boris FX support channel, which you can find here : Boris FX | Open a Case

Also make sure that the Red X isn’t just the result of the host caching the watermark from previous sessions. Try tweaking a param or applying a new instance to force the host to refresh just to be sure.

Thanks. I did ask support and they sent me over here.

My suggestion would be to completely remove Continuum from your system, including the removal of any related pref files, launch FCP and ensure that the filters are gone, close FCP and then reinstall. If you decide to do this, can you please let me know if this helps resolve the issue?


Thanks. I did as suggested but the result is the same. The support team is of no help. I appreciate your assistance but I’m moving on. Too bad, as I was interested in purchasing more. Thanks anyway.

If you send the log file from your system I may be able to identify the root cause on your machine. The file would be here:

~/Library/Logs/BorisFX/BCC.log → which maps to Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Logs/BorisFX/BCC.log

To find the log file if your Library folder is set to hidden on mac you can do the following:
-In the Finder, hold down the Option key when selecting the Go menu. Library will appear in the list. Once you see this, click on this Library option, and then go into the Logs folder, and then into the BorisFX folder. Inside there you’ll find the BCC.log file.

If you zip that and email it directly to me I’ll let you know what we find.
jclement at borisfx dot com