Red X Watermark won't disappear, even with license!

Hello! I’m using Sapphire 2021.02 and I can’t get that red watermark to go away. I have a license key and during installation I register the product. It tells me that the product has been registered after doing that, but once installation is complete, it’s as if the product was never registered.

In After Effects the red watermark shows and the plugin says it’s unlicensed. When I download the Boris Application Manager, it too can’t seem to find my registration. I’ve tried purging AE, uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting the PC… everything, but that red watermark stays.

What can I do? I need to complete this project and render it out in a couple days, but other than redoing all the effects using other plugins, I don’t have a solution. How can I get that red X to go away?

Sorry for that! This is 100% a situation our support team can resolve immediately for you. Please fill out a ticket here: Boris FX | Open a Case or use the chat on