Reduce spline points on Area Brush spline?

For the Magnetic tool you can reduce the Detail parameter to reduce the number of spline points. Is there a way to reduce the spline points created with the Area Brush tool? Detail parameter is greyed out.

Area brush uses a different approach to the magnetic tool so we haven’t enabled detail reduction for that yet. We have it as a feature request at the moment to be implemented later down the line.

Well, it’s “later down the line” now with MP 2023 v 10 and reducing the number of points from the Area Brush doesn’t seem to be working yet (even though I can decrease the number, it doesn’t have any effect).
Is this still to be implemented or am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately, still to be implemented! :sob:

We have the request in the system, but we’ve just had a lot of features to implement!

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