Reducing Bobbing up and down motion in video footage

Hello all

Each time I shoot a walk shot with my Iphone 11 mounted on a DJI gimbal, I get this bobbing up and down motion in the footage whenever I walk normally (ie not doing the ninja walk)

Is there any way I can eliminate this up and down motion using Mocha Pro and If so what’s the setting and how can this be done.

I have use all kinds of stabilisation but it cannot reduce the up and down motion

I have attached my video here so you can see the bobbing movement.

walk video

Do advise if this can be solved using Mocha Pro 2020

The bob appears to be due to some image warping in the camera, but it’s hard to tell.
You can get the shot reasonably stable, but you’re right: There are some problems getting the bob to reduce.

I’ll ask my colleagues if they can think of a solution.

Hi there,

So, my colleague Ben Brownlee suggests that there’s probably some internal “stabilization” happening in your phone already, which could be causing some of these artifacts and I agree.

Sometimes, and this doesn’t always work, you can reduce this kind of extra “wobble” from perspective shifts by telling Mocha to do something we don’t usually suggest… Try tracking several different non-co-planar parts of the shot on the same layer using add to x-spline, track translation, scale, rotation, and shear but do not use perspective. With walking shots, best results come from tracking from the end of the shot to the beginning, but if the shot is super long I would recommend using a camera tracker instead of Mocha.

Stabilize all motion with maximum smoothing in Mocha once your track is complete and see what that does for you. Whether or not it will work depends greatly on the shot.

In the future, I would stick to the ninja walk. There’s only so much a gimbal and a phone’s internal software can do.