Redundant Program Folders

I’m hoping someone can help me with this. It seems like a simple question but I’m stumped…

I have a subscription for the entire suite and I try to keep up with the latest versions of each app, but I expected that each time I install a new version, it would at least give me the option to remove the previous version, much like Adobe Creative Cloud, but it doesn’t seem to do that. Because of this I have more than one folder for a few of the apps. I was wondering if I could remove/uninstall older versions and not have it affect the latest versions. This is what’s inside my Boris FX main folder:

I’ve also installed the available plugins inside each appropriate app.

I guess that’s it. I’m on an M1 iMac running Ventura.


Optics folder = Optics 2021
Optics 2022 = Optics 2022

You can uninstall Optics 2021 by going into the Optics folder and running Uninstall Optics.pkg


Thanks. What about the different Silhouette folders? I’m assuming I need to keep all the Sapphire folders because they’re for different main apps.


Silhouette 2021.5 and Silhouette 2022 are both installed. If you want to uninstall 2021.5, you go into the folder and select Uninstall Silhouette.pkg. You need all the Sapphire folder.s