Reflection effect not available


I just updated my licences agreement for the latest version of Continuum 2020. While going through the new features I noticed I am not seeing “Reflection” and a few other effects.

Allegedly the updates are suppose to be automatic, but I was wondering if there is there a way to force the update, or clear what’s cached.

The log file says the current version is: BCC Version: 1100.1724

I’m using Adobe Premier Pro 2020 on a Windows 10 Enterprise (Pro) machine.

Any guidance or assistance would be appreciated.


Hi there!

I can see from your note that you are using the previous version of BCC., which is why you’re not able to find the new BCC Reflection filter, among others. You’ll need to download the BCC 2020 installer from the borisfx web site, install the new product and then when you launch Premiere Pro you will find the new filters.


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Hey Peter,

Well, that was super easy! I must have used the installer from the original license. Whatever the case, that simply worked.

Many thanks, and have a great New Year!