Regarding Pre comp. Sub sequence

I have my timeline sequence set to 1080p . I am using 2.7k video along with some basic motion graphics template to put some text effects but when i use corner pin studio in the motion graphics i get blakc screen notification where i should use pre comps/ sub sequence to use it. As the motion graphics has properties of 2160p resolution.
My Video are 2.7k
My motiongraphics are 4k resolution which I don’t know how to change to 1080p
And the sequence is in 1080p

I can’t use corner pin any help?

Thanks :blush:

Are you using After Effects to complete the compositing? Let me know what host and I will break down the workflow for you.

In AE, “fit to comp” will often save you with corner pinning. Take your 4K graphics and use “fit to comp” to get them to the right size, then precomp, move all attributes into the new composition, and then use that for your corner pin insert.

Hi thanks for your immediate response. No im using premier pro. And the graphics are in 4k. But corner pin studio wont allow me to pin unless it is in 1080p or matches the background layer

For Premiere you might have to convert the mograph to the proper format using the Adobe Media Encoder. Make sure you include your Alpha.

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