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As you all are as well, we are transitioning to remote working. We can’t get Mocha Pro or Mocha AE to launch through Windows Remote Desktop. Wondering what solutions you all have found to get around this error? Someone in IT was looking at Terradici but it’s quite expensive.

have you tried splashtop ? I’m not sure if there are any issues with Mocha, but I’ve had no issues with it while using AE & C4D in the past, except playback quality of high res comps ( which is runining normally on the machine you are hooked up to

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That’s odd, and will depend on many factors, including your license type. Please contact support here, as we will probably need account specific information: Boris FX | Open a Case

Alternatively, someone in your IT department can submit the case if that’s easier.

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Please also note that Boris FX is offering licenses to those affected by Covid-19. We sent an email out about it, but in case you did not get that email it was

  • Free 60-day “at home” licenses for Sapphire, Continuum, Mocha Pro, and Silhouette for all qualifying Boris FX customers to replace their floating licenses locked in the office. Please read the FAQ for more details
  • The Boris FX Application Manager — a free download that helps customers easily deactivate and reactivate node-locked licenses, perfect for moving an installed license to a new workstation. More information can be found here

On our part, the Boris FX team is taking all necessary precautions to protect ourselves, our families, and the communities where we live and work.

  • Our staff has been working remotely since last week to minimize community spread
  • Quotes, new license purchases, upgrades, and renewals are all being processed as usual
  • Customer service operations like plug-in support and license assistance are all readily available through the usual channels (phone, forums, email, chat)

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


I did see that Mary and my IT department has begun giving out those temp licenses to our staff at home. I will definitely use it too since I can’t get the tracking to work remotely right now. I’ll also put in a ticket in the meantime.

My software team has advised me that this is probably a open GL/driver issue with remote desktop. We don’t believe Mocha would work through remote desktop because Windows disables the GPU when a user remotes into it. That is what we believe is prohibiting Mocha from launching.

We suggest that you might try teamviewer for GPU to work properly.

Hope that helps!


Nvidia has released new support drivers in developer page which will allow remote users to access any softwares without any problems.

Hope this will solve your queries’


Check this out better clarification

If Windows Remote Desktop is not working for launch of Mocha Pro or Mocha AE, did you tried using alternative remote desktop tools like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers, Teamviewer etc. and checked if it resolves the issue? Kindly update.

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We’ve noticed the most recent Windows 10 “20H2” update no longer supports GPU correctly. We’re looking into it, as this currently causes Mocha (and most Adobe products for that matter) to crash.

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