Remove 2 items, 1 background, 1 clean plate


Mocha Pro 2019 Plug in with Premier

I have 2 items to remove. Both are stationary with a moving camera (drone).
Both items are tracked manually.
The background was tracked with the tracker. It appears to be steady.
Both items have the cog checked.
Both items are using the same clean plate.
The clean plate is set in both items.
Clean plate is set exclusive for both items.
The first item gets removed well throughout the clip.
The second item looks like the clean plate is off position. Some places the item is only paritally removed. In others the clean plate doesn’t align with the background.

Please help.


Hi Neal,

Thanks for the detail. I’m going to have to see the shot to assess what is happening here as it sounds like you have everything set as expected.
Can you send me a copy of the project file and footage? martinb [at]

Alternatively can you send a screen grab of the first and second layer set up in remove please?


I sent you an email link to the project.