Remove a person from a moving (x/y/z) wide angle background


working with Mocha Pro Plugin Version 9.5.6 on Premiere Pro 23.3 on Mac 12.6.4 .

I am trying to remove a person who is moving towards camera in a wide angle 5 seconds shot that is booming up. The clip I’m working with is a rendered 2D version of a 360-take. In the beginning there is an opbject sharp but slightly reflective in the foreground that reveals the person while booming up. The background is at first complex behind the person and than only a plane ground.
How could I handle the complex background without getting perspectivly distorted background in the rendered-remove? Is there a kind of workflow for this or is it a shot better to avoid for removes. I’m only curious and want to understand mocha more. This clip is not production sensitive and I can replace or crop the clip.

I would have a link to provide in PM.

Cheers, Friedrich

Can you share the clip please?