Remove a Wall Object: A Plug Socket. How?

I’m feeling a complete dunce.

I’m using VegasPro15 and have applied M5 as an FX. I’ve followed Martin’s Fishy Removal Tutorial and I believe I’ve applied all the necessary procedures. But I can’t achieve/show the results that Martin did.

I’ve got an electric Plug socket on a wall behind a talking head. The camera is more or less locked-off. So, little movement. I want to convert the Plug Socket to the Background it sits on. Dead simple.

I’ve got the Plug Xplined and I’ve got a secondary Background Xpline of the larger background. I’ve applied the Remove procedure, but I don’t see the results appearing in the M5 Workspace - as Martin successfully does with the far more complex Fishy removal. Should I be seeing this? Using M5 as a Vegas FX in Removal?


Since you can’t ever see behind the socket, you need to create a cleanplate and “use cleanplates exclusively.” That should sort you out immediately! :slight_smile:


Dunce x 2.

But, thank you.

Nah, it’s a common mistake! The remove tool isn’t able to invent new pixels, it can only ever use what it can see to replace the object.

Pure Zen Mary, pure Zen. You are speaking a totally advanced language. Are you related to “Gandolph The White”. I have much to learn.

I am closer to Professor McGonagall on my father’s side. :wink:

Now I need to use PS?

Or a patch in your host software or any rotopaint.

Well, I’ve had time to sleep-on my issues around M5, and I’ve had to sit-up accept some precepts of M5 and recognition of its underlying workflow approach and “philosophy”:

1 - Under the circumstances I have, Remove doesn’t. Thanks for the clarification on that Mary. Most edifying.

2 - Under the circumstances I have, removal of an item requires 3rd party software to do it. I was unaware I needed to utilize such a workflow and such a program. Wouldn’t it be great if M6 Pro had a rudimentary bolt-on to do this? It would make the User experience more “flowy” and allow a greater chance of pursuing that creative result?

3 - Under the circumstances I have, which is a static situation, my focusing in on Martin’s brilliant Fishy Removal, was a bad choice of Tutorial and has meant I got myself confused and not a little frustrated.

Might I suggest a way forward, if this hasn’t been posited previously: A simple flow-chart or Menu driven Q&A of circumstances that a novice User could interrogate to get quickly and efficiently to the Tutorial that best fits. And yes, of course, there are many, many instances of variation, but Martin has done some spiffing work and I would dearly love to get to the most appropriate Video Tutorial I require with more meaning and outcome. Presently I’m dipping into this or that hoping and hopping about.

So, to recap, a time-saving way to get to a Tutorial answer than presently available.

Oh yeah, why does my mouse wheel only go forwards through the Timeline, when wanting to scrub backwards?



Hah . . Just got back again to my VegasPro project and with Mary’s words ringing true. If there aren’t any pixels being presented to the M5 to substitute for a background - camera is locked-off so NO movement - then just where is M5 going to get pixels to fill the void? It can’t. It’s only when there is enough movement that the Removal tool can substitute a best-guess at that background has to be and can substitute it in.

Has anybody got a suggestion other than making a static removal plate to bring into M5?

OK, Let me grab all of these questions and comments!

1 - Happy to help! Always!

2 - We have this as a feature request, for sure, thank you for adding your voice to the chorus.

3 - We are sorry for the frustration, that tutorial is in three parts in an attempt to cover the depth and breadth of the remove module, and it sounds like you only saw one of three.

4 - It’s something to think about, we can see what we can do here. The issue being all shots are different and finding the commonalities to simplify something like the remove into something very basic at a glance. I will discuss with Martin.

5 - You can change this in mocha preferences under keyboard shortcuts. :slight_smile:

6 - The most basic, easy, one click solution to this is to simply duplicate your layer or track above the original, use mocha to cut the outlet out of the top clip, feather it, and transform the clip underneath to offset another part of the wall to patch the socket. You won’t even have to use the remove tool for that.