Remove and Adjust Track

I have a Remove layer and a BG layer to do a simple remove on a not so simple BG track.

When I adjust the track of my BG layer using the “Classic” Adjust Track module, the Remove module doesn’t see the adjusted track. Is this expected behavior?


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What version of Mocha Pro are you using? And what type of track, are you using PowerMesh at all? Are you using Link to Track? I need more information to help you.

Hello Mary,

Version is 9.0.3 on mac intel, Mocha Pro AE plugin. The BG track is Transform, Rotation, Scale, Shear and nothing else. the remove track is basicaly a duplicate of the BG track with some adjustment to the shape using the Uber key. I cannot select the “Adjusted” checkbox behind the Link track menu (it’s grayed out). I’ve attached the project file. Thanks alot!
New.mocha (436.5 KB)

Hi Annael,

OK, I think this might be something we are going to have to look at. You’re right, the link to adjusted track is greyed out, and I’d definitely like to know why. I am going to take a harder look at your file and talk to my dev team and @martinb .


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