Remove and insert module in conjunction

So I have six green tracking markers on my arm. I tracked them in mocha pro. After I track them I go into the remove module, create a clean plate, Photoshop out the markers and bring it back into mocha pro and remove the markers all successfully. Now I want to insert a tattoo onto my arm with the mesh tool to make it look like it’s wrapped around my arm. One of the problems is the tattoo is smaller than the markers on my arm will be. When I click on the insert module after I’ve successfully removed them in mocha pro, I click on the insert module and the trackers are back. I hope this makes sense, how do I go about using both modules in mocha Pro if this is even possible?

You can’t use two modules in one instance of Mocha. Are you using the Plugin or the Standalone?

Plugin. How do I get them both to work with After effects?

Oh good, then that makes it easy. Duplicate the layer with Mocha on it, then switch that new top layer to the insert. Keep the bottom as the remove. I would render the insert only on the top layer, not the insert composite. Use the blending modes in AE if necessary to comp them together.

Awesome. Thanks. Will try that tonight when I get home from work.

So I was watching this video you posted on Vimeo, 7 years ago. Is this along the lines as to what you are describing for me to try?

So I watched the above video, which helped alot, and was able to get the video to where I really like it. I am going to add some more FX when I snap my fingers but for now, it looks really good, in my eyes anyway. Thank you for all your help, again, you guys are wonderful. I shared the video on my gdrive with you so you can see what it looks like, pre FX. Let me know what you think.
So another question while I’m thinking about this, since I want to add some special effects to the shot, would I duplicate the top layer with the mocha info on it and then draw a shape mask around the tattoo and then use the tracking data from my tracking for the shape mask?

I am glad you were able to get the video where you are happy with it, I saw it, and it looks good to me!

I would definitely put any new effects onto a new layer, maybe even precomposing the Mocha plugins and moving all attributes into the new composition. It will really depend on the effect.

So i tried drawing a shape layer around the tattoo on a adjustment layer with the mocha data copy and pasted to it and tried clicking create tracking data and applying it to adjustment layer, but the mask moved way off the tattoo. Not sure if i am doing that right.

Try using a track matte on a solid layer. That usually is a good workaround for misalignment problems.

So I wanna make sure I get as much information as I can because I’m not at my computer right now I’m at work and I won’t get home till later on tonight to work on this and if it doesn’t work I’ll have to wait till tomorrow night to try anything else with any new information. So if I’m understanding your last message, instead of making an adjustment layer I create a solid layer on top of my other layers, copy and paste mocha Effect onto the solid layer and create tracking data onto that solid later? Am I understanding that correctly or no?

Not tracking data, the mask. In AE this is called a track matte.

So create a mask inside my solid layer and paste the data from mocha on that solid layer? Sorry if not understanding, still learning all this.

Yes, just the shape data. And then in AE you drag that into the layer above your layer you want to mask. Then use the track matte option to use that mask in the layer above.

I think we are in different time zones. Did you figure this out? Here’s more information on Track Mattes: How to Use Track Mattes in After Effects