Remove car issues when passing bicycle man


Please asist me here. I am going crazy here.
Look at attached image. I have tried both none, Linear and interpolation, but i still get big artifact/distortion when the car is driving paralal with the truck and bicycle.

I have used the remove module to remove car. Car is set at top above background track. I also tracked the truck and bicycle to exclude them from the car, but i still get the artifact/distortion


Typically Mary Poplin would jump in to assist you with this but she’s at the AdobeMax event today and won’t be able to help. I’ll ask Ross Shain to help you with this.

It is difficult to give the best advice without seeing the shot in motion or the background track layer.

First, the background track has to be very solid and depending on the motion of the shot and other objects, it may be a more complex shot than 3 layers.

For example, if the background truck and cycle objects are moving independently from the background, then this process is not the best way to handle it. Remove needs a solid track for every plane the FG crosses.

If you would like to zip up the project with source footage and send it to me, I could take a look. You can email me at RossS (at) BorisFX (.com).

Thank you Ross.
I have send you the source footage file.
As mentioned it is the truck in the middle and the bicyle which are the concern here. And yes they both move.

It is the red car coming from the left side i want removed…

A good little Mary P excersise.
BTW I said it couple of years ago and I will say it again now. Mocha is the number one application to go to when match moving a scene is needed. Period… Fantastic software. I am still blown away from the remove module section.

Br Hamid

Hi, I am back if you haven’t found a solution yet. I’d try making a matte for all objects you want to remove as a single layer. You can do that by exporting the mattes for all the objects that are problematic as rendered shapes, making a new shape, and importing that single matte under layer properties and that might stop this. It looks, from only seeing a still, that the layer are interacting with one another poorly and need to be on the same layer.

Or you can share the shot to


Hi Mary

Good to have you back.
I send you the footage on mail.

No I have still not solved it…

I really appreciate you taking time to look at it.

Br Hamid

Just gave you the access to the file…
Thanks Mary

I downloaded this and spent some time on it.

So what is the final goal here? You have three moving objects going over the top of one another, and they’re not planar, which means the remove won’t work where they intersect. You can remove all three, but you’ll still need a clean plate and your mileage may vary as far as results go. You’re almost better simply patching the background and rotoscoping the objects you want to keep. You also have a ton of foreground occlusion which is going to be tough.

This is probably not the best remove candidate as Ross stated above.

Thank you Mary

The goal was to remove the red car coming from left.

I clearly see and understand what you mean as well as Ross.
The setup was not best scene as there are many occlusion as you mention.

But I understand now better the program as you say that the remove module requires planner tracks and I used shapes around the truck and bicycle man…

Patching may be the only way…