Remove Crane and Houses in Bachground

I use google translate because my english is not very good!
I’ve been working with Mocha Pro for 2 days, great tool! Unfortunately I didn’t get an introduction from the boss, just the instruction to do the job. : - / It is a kind of trial work but unfortunately I can’t get any further. I have already seen a lot of tutorials and the last one was Boris FX | Get Out of My Shot: Removing Objects with Mocha Pro

Maybe I’m too stupid or my English is too bad.
In the video shown, I am supposed to remove the crane and the houses. Could someone help me or create a sample file with my video so I can watch it?

Are there courses in Austria for Mocha?

Can you send a .mov or .mp4 movie file? I am having trouble opening your .MXF.


Hello Maryp
Thank you very much for taking care of my problem!
I have provided you an mp4 file.
Is it possible to send you private message?


Yes, or you can email me at

OK! I think this is better done as an Insert patch instead of a Remove. I have a tutorial that can help you.

However, you will need to rotopaint those legs on the Raptor if that’s also something they want done, we can’t automate that.

Try this technique: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

Hey MaryP,
i send you an email. I know the video that you linked, like many others! Is there a video where the layers and over keys are explained in more detail? I would be very happy if you would reply to my email!

Thanks MaryP

I have, check your email. :slight_smile:

Then I’m really exciting
forward to your answer :slight_smile:

Please check your spam folder, I wrote you back two hours ago and just now, and I want to make sure you get it.

Strange, even in my spam folder I can’t find any message. Would
you please send this again. Thank you very much!

is skype possible? apparently i cannot receive emails from you if you have sent me one again.

Very odd. I will be back tomorrow and available around 10am PST. Email me the best number to call you at.