Remove finger from a video

Hi there!

I have a problem I filmed a video but there is a finger covering the top corner, I asked in another forums and they told me that maybe here someone could help me.

I have been trying to fix it using clone stamp and editing every single photogram, but it doesn’t looks good.


Here is the VIDEO


Anybody knows how could I fix it? Thank you



You should be able to track the horizon, roto the finger in the top left and use Mocha’s “remove” module to replace the finger shape area with the proper corresponding portion of the sky.

Editing every frame by hand is likely to cause flickering when the differences between painted frame is made apparent.

Hope that helps!

That’s sounds complicate, I’m still downloading the app because I have no idea about Mocha, it’s any tutorial or something like that about that?

There are many tutorials on the remove module in the training videos section here or you can find more on youtube.

If that doesn’t work out for you, depending on the amount of detail in the sky of your footage, you may be able to get away with a directional blur that is only applied to the top left of the image.

The easiest way to do this is just to roto the buildings and place them on a layer above your video layer with mocha.
Next, simply grab sky from another section and patch it underneath your building roto, use a garbage mask to contain it to the thumb area.
Create any color adjustments on the patch as necessary.
Add some slight feathered darkness to the removed thumb corner to make it match the lens driven darkening around the edges with a garbage matte.
You don’t need to go crazy with the remove tool for something like this. A simple patch and roto will do it.

Thanks to everybody for the help

I tried several times with the remove tool, trying to track the sky and then using another layer for the finger but it looks so bad, I tried even using the smoothing level, but looks really bad.

I didn’t get it at all MaryP, I’m sorry, I’m still noob with this app

Someone could help me?

How it looks using the remove tool:

Hi there,

What I am saying is that this is a roto fix, not a remove fix. Go ahead and cut that sky section out in your comp including the dark edge with a simple roto shape, move the sky over in your comp, not in mocha, and then rebuild the dark edge, and add the buildings back over the top with more mocha roto. It’s too dark at the edge, so mocha’s remove is not going to fix it as easily as just a few layers of mocha roto in your comp will.

Layers in your comp:
mocha roto on buildings
cutout of sky with mocha roto and feathered
the sky moved under the gradient to fill the hole

Do you see what I mean now?


I’m sorry but I didn’t get it at all, I dunno what’s roto fix. I’m sorry I’m so noob, is any tutorial on this forum about what are you talking about?
I’m really sorry. Thank you

Hi there,

Rotoscoping is a method for cutting out objects using splines. It is what mocha is used for the most besides tracking. If you’re new to these concepts you’re going to need to sit down and watch the fundamentals of mocha:

Those tutorials will get you familiar with tracking and roto.

We do not have a specific tutorial for this roto-cleanup workflow, but the workflow is simply cutting out a section of the shot and replacing it with another section of the shot by placing the information UNDER a rotoscoped cutout of your problem area. Think of layers in photoshop, but you’re erasing the problem area, and then moving a layer underneath that to replace the problem area.