Remove Gaffers Tape Rolls from my shot - Please HELP

I need to remove the Gaffers tape rolls in a video clip. I have a reference frame of what the image would look like without the unwanted gaffers tape. What is the best way to do this? The actor is moving in the frame and the video is hand held. So there is a slight camera movement but even more movement by the actor as he moves back and forth. Can I cut the top off the furniture piece and place it over the video clip where the gaffers tape is located? Should this be done as a video layer or a still photo layer? I would prefer to possibly use a video clip of possible because the video monitor in the shot flickers and adds some nice depth. If not, creating a still photo and tracking a portion of it over the top of the furniture is okay too.

Are you familiar with Mocha Pro? Specifically with the Remove module. We have a lot of tutorials that demonstrates a variety of cleanup techniques. For example here’s the one you can have a look

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